Next time you have some lifting OR lowering to do, here are some quick tips to help protect your back:

1. The ideal position is like a common squat with the feet about shoulder width apart. Start lowering the hips by moving your butt backwards, which allows for your back to remain rigid throughout the movement. This also prevents your knees from going too far forward as they begin to bend. Your core should be braced too.
2. To lift, keep the weight close and shoulders down and back as you “push the ground away” with the whole foot, from heel to toe.

If your knees or the object don’t allow this technique, try bending less at the knees while pushing the hips further backwards, similar to a deadlift. If you feel like Beyonce then you’re doing it right!

Alternatively try lifting in a deep lunge position, which is great for when bending of the hips causes pain or discomfort.

Lastly, avoid lifting and twisting at the same time as this is a very common cause of lower back injury.

If you would like a free lifting workshop at your club or workplace, then get in touch with the team at Health Within! We’ve got your back!


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