Holistic chiropractic care is important for your health, even when there’s ‘nothing wrong’,

Stress is an inevitable fact of life. There will always be physical, chemical and mental/emotional stressors in our life. The good news is, we have control over how we cope, manage and respond to our stress.

Take a car accident, for example. The stressor, the physical impact, is going to affect our body and cause a subluxation or interference in the nervous system. If the subluxation becomes chronic, it will create dis-ease in our body. And if that dis-ease stays in our body long enough, it will eventually cause symptoms and disease.

This is the sequence of events that takes place when any type of chronic stress is present: emotional, mental, chemical (medications, poor diet, smoking etc) or physical. You may not be aware of the symptoms of a subluxation, but once communication between brain and body via the nervous system is interrupted, your health will eventually suffer.

American neuropsychologist, neurobiologist and Nobel laureate Dr Roger Sperry (1913-1994) stated that 90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine. What this means is that any misalignment in the spine will have important implications for brain function and our overall state of health.

Please, the next time you are tempted to postpone an appointment because there’s ‘nothing wrong’, please remember there don’t have to be discernible symptoms for your body to be holding subluxations. They should be treated to prevent symptoms from developing.

The overall benefits of chiropractic are as important as specific treatment for a particular problem. Indeed, my clients regularly report fewer aches and pains, less frequent sickness, fewer allergies, more energy, better memory recall, less ‘brain fog’, better movement, greater relaxation, improved bowel movements, easier breathing, better balance, better hearing, improved sleep, greater productivity and feeling more connected.

Regular chiropractic care has great benefits for everyone in the family, at all stages of life.