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Welcome to our first newsletter! Our intention is to keep you updated with chiropractic news, bringing you interesting facts about chiropractic and your health.People often ask….but I feel fine, nothing hurts…do I need to come back? Short Answer, Absolutely!

Long answer…. it is to your benefit that you continue your chiropractic care to keep your nervous system, spine and health in check to help prevent further deterioration. Not only have you invested your time and money in that initial care, but research proves the benefits of long term care.

A group of participants with lower back pain were divided into two, on e group received just the initial chiropractic care until the pain subsided and that was it. The second group received initial chiropractic care until the pain subsided and continued care fortnightly to monthly for 12 months after.

Can you guess which group faired better? The second group!!

Preventative care is not only effective but it is also time and cost effective. This is just one of the many reason to come in and get checked pain or no pain.

Chiropractic care helps you better adapt to stress, helps with better functioning immune system, helps with balance and flexibility, improves sleep and mood.

Think of chiropractic as a lifestyle to keep your body working at its’ best!

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