Dr. Rupinder Sharma

Doctor of Chiropractic


“My aim is to make chiropractic easier to access for people in Boonah and the Scenic Rim. I love teaching family members ­­– from children to the elderly – about real health and the unique role that chiropractic plays in promoting wellness and developing their potential for optimal health.”

Dr Rupinder Sharma

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Meet Rupinder…

A chiropractor with over 15 years’ experience, Dr Rupinder Sharma applies her international experience, expertise and passion when helping pregnant women, infants, children, families and athletes in Boonah and Queensland’s Scenic Rim.

Rupinder has helped hundreds of families and individuals overcome a wide range of health challenges. She has witnessed too many ‘miracles’ to doubt that chiropractic is by far the safest and most effective way to help children and families enjoy excellent health and enjoyable lives, free from regular medication.


Qualifications & Experience…

Rupinder holds a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College as well as a Bachelor of Science from McMaster University (Ontario, Canada). Certified in the specialised chiropractic Websters Technique for mother and baby during pregnancy, Rupinder has also completed professional development in Activator, SOT and Thompson techniques. She is a member of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

After practicing chiropractic in Australia for almost a decade, Rupinder lived and practiced in Canada before returning to settle in Queensland in 2008.

Founder and owner of Health Within, Rupinder draws continuously on her extensive chiropractic training, international practice experience and daily observations on the benefits of chiropractic for her own growing family. Her approach is holistic – she integrates insights, skills and understanding from ongoing professional development in paediatrics, pregnancy, geriatrics, nutrition, exercise prescription and other ergonomic advice and healthy lifestyle habits.


Rupinder is passionate about helping people find balance their lives and live healthily. This includes helping bring to their awareness the factors areas that may be negatively affecting their health. She is a firm believer that once we have awareness, we can choose to make changes that include regular chiropractic care as key to good health.

Rupinder understands that the human body has the ability to heal itself when given the opportunity to do so. Her practice is to locate and remove any interference (‘subluxation’) from the body’s nervous system, something she achieves with quiet confidence and ease.

Her greatest professional satisfaction comes from witnessing her clients discover for themselves the many benefits of a well-functioning nervous system: a better functioning body, better sleep, better mood, clearer thinking and so much more.


With an active husband and two very energetic young boys at home, Rupinder knows first-hand the vital role chiropractic care plays in keeping a family healthy. She has been adjusting the boys since the day they were born.

Away from the adjustment table, Rupinder loves spending time with her family or hanging out with girlfriends. She enjoys travel, adventure and trying new food (eating it, not cooking it!). She has seen more of Australia than Canada (where she grew up) and has also visited Jamaica, Dominican Republic, USA, New Zealand and Fiji.

Rupinder plans to write a book one day, on a topic yet to be decided…

Meet the Team…

Sue Chiropractic services in Boonah

Meet Luke – Chiropractor

Dr. Luke joined our team early 2021 to help the people of Boonah to better health through chiropractic care. He delivers a diversified approach with attention to functional movement, soft tissue involvement, education and home exercise.

Dr. Luke is nearly a “local” of Boonah. When he isn’t in practice he is out with his beautiful family out bush enjoying nature.
Sue Chiropractic services in Boonah

Meet Sue – Our chiropractic assistant

Sue began her career as a Chiropractic Assistant after experiencing what she calls the ‘miracle’ of chiropractic care for a frozen shoulder that didn’t respond to any other treatment.

Every visitor to Health Within benefits from Sue’s extensive knowledge and experience in office administration ­– she runs an extremely efficient workplace. Sue is also known for her warm, bubbly and caring nature and her readiness to respond to a client’s every need.

Away from the practice, Sue enjoys time with her two beautiful children and three gorgeous grandsons. She loves cooking and sharing the results with anyone and everyone!

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